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Now a days Everyone , wake up in the morning with having no Motivation to do anything. You need to drag yourself out of bed, feeling exhausted, but it does not get any better. Instead of being allowed to do absolutely nothing, you

Every moment is a fresh beginning….

have to address so many issues, duties and responsibilities that’s impossible to know where to start. No one likes to admit it , but we all are struggling and get Self Motivated from time to time.

What is Motivation?

Motivation is the word which is derived from the word ’motive’ which means needs, desires, wants or drives within the individual.

Let’s briefly discuss what Motivation is. One of the Defination of Motivation is the driving force by which Human Achieve there Goals.

Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. Both definitions speak to the fact that most people want to be motivated to achieve, and succeed in accomplishing those things they’ve made up their minds to do. To assist you in accomplishing such a goal, you will need resources.  And not just any resources, but resources that have the power to both inspire and light your fire.


Motivation ia the Process which contaings 2 stages :-


1 . A felt need or drive

2 . When needs are satisfied, the satisfaction or accomplishment of goals .




Importance Of Motivation

Motivation is an Important factor  which is important to Everyone. It is an essential part of our life and we can achieve anything with a positive attitude. It is very Important in Our Daily Life. We Cant live our daily life without having some Motivation to make your dreams come True. Motivation is the desire to achieve your daily life Goals. Motivation helps

Make each day your masterpiece.

us to get up early and become productive. Such are coming from Books , Motivational Quotes , from attention some Seminars , from our Parents ,  from our Teachers and our Coaches But we cant identify all of them.. There are thousands of Motivator  s  around us.

Its because We are not connecting with the sence of Motivation. Motivation is the Greatest thing that comes from Our Heart and Our Mind equally many times in a day . But Most of us are Failed to get it.




1 . Puts human resources into action

An every single individual requires physical, financial and human resources to accomplish the goals.  The human resources which can be utilized by making full use of Motivation. This can be done by improving your willingness in employees to work. This will help the business or a businessman  to have the best possible utilization of their resources in a perfect manner.


2 . Leads to achievement of organizational goals

Some of the Factors/goals of an Enterprise are Following :-

1 It is the  best possible utilization of resources in a Best/Perfect manner.

2 There is a co-operative work environment which is very beneficial for an enterprise .

3 The employees are goal-directed and they act in a purposive manner.

4 Goals can be achieved if co-ordination and co-operation takes place simultaneously which can be effectively     done through it.


3 . Improves level of efficiency of employees

The level of a subordinate or a employee does not only depend upon his/her qualifications and abilities. For getting best of his/her work performance, the gap between ability and willingness has to be filled, which helps in improving the level of performance of subordinates or employee.

This will result into-

1 Increase in productivity

2 Reducing cost of operations

3 Improving overall efficiency


4 . Leads to stability of work force

The Balance of workforce is very important from the point of view of reputation and goodwill of a enterprise. The employees can remain loyal to the enterprise/firm only when they have a feeling of participation in the management. The skills and ability of an employees will always be an advantage to employees as well as Subordinate. This will lead to a good public image in the market which will attract appropriate and qualified people into a enterprise.

As it is said, “Old is gold” which suffices with the role of motivation here, the older the people, more the experience and their adjustment into a concern which can be of benefit to the enterprise.

5 . Builds friendly relationship

Motivation is an important factor which brings a high level of satisfactionto an employee.  This can be done by keeping into mind and framing an incentive plan for the benefit of the employees. This could set up the following things.

Effective co-operation which brings stability,

Industrial dispute and unrest in employees will reduce,

The employees will be adjustable to the changes and there will be no resistance to the change,

This will help in providing a smooth and sound enterprise in which, individual interests will agree with the organizational interests,

This will result in profit maximization through increased productivity.


We can say that motivation therefore is a continuous process,  since motivation is the process which is based on our needs which are unlimited.



We can Define it by saying that the Motivation is an important to both an individual and a business enterprise .


Motivation is important to an individual as:

  1. If an individual employee is internally motivated, he will definately have a job satisfaction.
  2. Motivation will help in self-development of individual or an employee.
  3. An individual would always gin or promoted by working with a powerful team.
  4. Motivation will help an individual or an subordiate to achieve his personal goals.


Motivation is important to a business as:

 1 . During period of amendments, there will be more adaptability and creativity.

2 .  The more we motivated the employees from our team, the more empowered the team is.

3 . The Motivation will help to an individual to make their attitute as much as better and challenging at their work place.

4 . The more we contribute , the more profitable and successful the business would be.



What are the different types of motivation?




It is a type of method in which a certain reward is promised once a particular task is complete. It can be categorized into extrinsic one and it is required when the will power to do something in an individual is low. Set a reward for doing the job helps in recovering his/her interest in the job and gets to be done nicely. Actually, it is a temporary method and it works better if used infrequently.





Any type of motivation under which fear acts as the main active force for push the employee’s efficiency falls under this category. The most common example is the fear of failing in an exam felt by the student or the fear of losing a job or promotion by a professional. Generally, fear is a result of lots of external factors rather than any internal reasons. The most practical and comman example of this method is , in school where teachers use it to make the students follow the rules and regulations and achieve higher success in education.





Achievement motivation is considered to be essential in nature. It is pair up with a desire to achieve something and forces the actions of the individual to get to achieve his/her goal. It should not be misunderstood with our craving and desire. Achieving a personal or professional goal gives a feeling of accomplishment to the individual. The basic working factor behind this therapy is the feel good factor that one may have after achieving his/her goal.





Any change that is going to affect your working conditions it may acts as a force in your life. The desire to get a better or a bigger house you need to start positive actions in an individual and it is categorized as change motivation. Some people are not getting as much as satisfaction with their environment and the drive to make it better keeps them going and working towards to get better goals. These goals are mostly materialistic in nature and these methods apply for people who are looking for materialistic things and luxuries.

It is never too late to be what you might have been.

Motivation is expressed as the driving force of our life and one of  the other type of motivating force is always working behind our actions. The action to achieve better standards and quality living is the force that makes us do our regular work more efficiently & effectively. We apply the same force for achieving the goals, which may be personal goals like having better health or fit body, and even for causes that are more helpful. No matter what happens, a dynamic force exists behind each and every action of ours. THEREFORE, if you are feeling little unmotivated or needed energy in your regular day-to-day routine, then it is the best time to check your wish list and start making efforts towards achieving them. After all, the most important thing is to live a healthy and satisfied life.





It is very common to find people who would like to fit in a specific society or group. In most of the cases, people who are socially motivated are aim to apply thoughtful actions, which may make them possible enough to be accepted by that group. It is external in nature and it lasts until the goal is achieved.




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