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How To Control Anger ?

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What Is Anger ?

Anger is an intense and a negative emotion which shows the persons Personality and an Reaction on a certain Topics. Anger is an internal feeling which can be developed when a Person loses his/her Temper and when something can be violated.  It involves an strong and an uncomfortable and disproving response to a Noticed offence, hurt or threat. Some persons learns and having an tendency to react to anger through revenge as a way of coping. we can only apply pressure against our anger for a certain amount of time until it explodes. On our Anger we can only apply an pressure against our anger for a certain amount of time until it explodes.

Anger is an internal feeling which can Harm an Persons Body and creating an impact to that body. Some of the People view anger as an Emotion which triggers part of the fight or flight brain response. Some of the easiest forms of anger which includes displeasure, irritation or dislike.

When an anger Blowup , it can impair judgment and thinking, making an people more likely to do and say unreasonable , freaky and brainlessthings.  Anger is not just a mind in its state. It triggers to your internal body by  increase in the heart rate, blood pressure, and Stress levels.

Anger is having some survival benefits, and it forms the part of fight or flight two other things  and response to a observed threat or harm.

Through Facial Expression, Body Language,  physiological response, and at the time when people acts of aggression the external expression of an anger can be found. Modern psychologists views an anger as a primary, natural, and mature emotion on at the time and experienced by all virtually humans. When a person requies an change  and shows that something goes to be wrong which is seen through a supportive mechanism which is said to be an anger.



Causes Of Anger
People shows their angry, when they feels that someone they care about has been offended, when they are calm about the nature and the cause of that angering event, when they are convinced someone else is responsible, and when they feel that they are still connected to that situation or deals with it. Anger is a Feeling which rises due to, how we perform and react to certain situations at that time. Now a Days, When People clarify their situations by using their drifferent way,  so a situation that makes you feels very angry may not make someone else feeling angry and depressed at all (for example, other peoples reactions could include frustration, hurt or diversion). But just because we can clarify things differently, it doesn’t mean that you’re clarifying things ‘WRONG’ if you get angry.

Every Individual has their own way to produce the situation that makes them angry, but some  of the situations are common one includes the situations in which we feel:

* Cramped or Helpless.

* Exposed or attacked.

* Like we are being invalidated or treated Unfairly.

* Like people are not respecting our feelings.



When a person or an indivisual  is feeling angry, the body of our body releases stress hormones, such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. The heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and breathing rate increases at that time.

Showing or feels anger on an Regular Basis can eventually make people ill, because frequent, unchanged anger can result in a constant quantity of stress chemicals. This can lead to metabolic changes that eventually Hurts the individual’s health.

Some of the Health Risks are follows as under

  • * Skin Disorder
  • * Heart Attack
  • * Headaches
  • * Backache
  • * Eating Disorder
  • * Self Injury
  • * Abuse yourself by Alcohol and Drugs
  • * Digestive Disorder
  • * Depression
  • * Insomnia
  • * Hypertension
  • * High Blood Pressure
  • * Weakened Immune System
  • * Cold
  • * Influenza
  • * Resulting in More Infection


If you Knowing that how to handle an anger that helps you make an healthier choices.
The choices that we make at the time when angry can usually come back to haunt us, but the cycle can be hard to break. Some people are prone to rage are more usful than others, but anger is an internal feeling that many of us could use a bit which helps in handling. Anger is an internal feeling which is having a power, but it is also an healthy and unhealthy ways to deal with that power of Anger, from letting it control you to maintain it in a way that triggers you to something positive.

Own It – Many people in the world thinks that to recognize anger is the same as acting inadequately on it. Showing that you’re not angry especially while express nearly cartoonish physical signs of anger does no good for you it is the target of your anger, or your blood pressure.

Break It Down – In the process in which you can sort out why you are going to be upset and what steps you can take work through to make to that situation happens. Perhaps the most important thing is to, putting your feelings into words and can make them feel more tangible, and therefore make them more manageable which can eventually help them to work in their way out of your system.

Move It Out – As physical signs go, anger can look very similar to other forms of Approach, like anxiety or even excitement. Calming those physical Desire, or giving them someplace useful to go which can helps you to get your anger under control. Through Several long time Slow down your breathing, taking deep breaths. Make your muscles loosen through clenching and unclenching your hand and slowly doing a neck roll. Instead of letting down your frustration that burns you up, you need to burn it off. And usually if it comes out in the shape of tears, or even infernal laughter? Just let it.

Find The Big Picture – You might to be choose to think about that person whom you think who has done wronged to you, and imagine what the unique challenges they may be reacting to. Think about the ways that they could use some sympathy, and then try to mentally give it to them that can often Overcome anger.

Share Carefully – Some might just not be a good listeners, and just try to cover up your emotions for you. If there is a friend or your loved ones whom you trust the most, sharing your feelings with them can sometimes be Clean. But be aware that not everyone is equipped to hear difficult feelings in a healthy in a supportive way.


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